Digital Strategy

The Foundation

Your Digital Strategy is everything.

A successful digital strategy starts with a good foundation. Things move quickly in the digital world and it can be difficult to keep up. We understand this business challenge. That's why we begin every project crafting a one-of-a-kind, unique strategy that is designed to help you win. Our clients come to us with critical digital marketing questions that need answers, from how to make the best technology choices to content marketing advice and SEO best practices. We help them make smart strategic decisions that drive continued success and achieve clear marketing goals.

  • LandOnline Media Strategy Discovery

    We know that every organization has different requirements, so we don’t try to recycle the same digital strategy for everyone. Instead, we listen carefully, collect data, and analyze your needs. This allows us to provide each client with a digital strategy tailored for their specific marketing goals, messaging, and audience.

    Face-to-face collaboration fosters shared learning in ways that endless documentation never will. It also leads to quickly building consensus, making more educated decisions faster, and creating better products, which is why collaboration is the cornerstone of our discovery process.

    Our discovery workshops support stakeholder collaboration, help us define successful outcomes, and get everyone charted on a path to mutual success. These sessions are where our team gains a full understanding of your needs, your goals, and how we’ll collaborate to produce the best results. They drive our onboarding process and are one of the most important aspects of our work together. We tailor these discovery workshops to each client’s unique needs.

    These hands-on, collaborative workshop activities set the tone for our working relationship together and provide a foundation for creating successful digital products and services in an environment that fosters trust and mutual success.

  • LandOnline Media Strategy Consulting
    Strategy Consulting

    Are all your digital channels strategically aligned with your organization’s business goals and capacity to execute?

    When digital channels are brought together under a cohesive strategy that works within your organization’s capacity, you are able to more fully realize success. This is no small feat, however. With so many tools and online channels available, it’s easy for your digital marketing efforts to become splintered, inconsistent, or off-brand. Before you know it, big problems arise. Social media profiles are ghost towns. The company’s mobile app no longer works on a new version of Android or iOS. Website messaging and content strategy are fractured and/or misaligned with SEO and SEM efforts. None of your pages convert. In the end, these things cost money—sometimes lots of it—and undermine your brand’s integrity.

    LandOnline Media takes a holistic and more sustainable approach to an organization’s digital strategy. We audit existing digital marketing efforts across all channels, then dovetail a strategy and some baseline metrics with your goals to devise a plan that will provide results. We do this while in turn minding your capacity along the way—no sense devising a plan that your team doesn’t have the resources to implement.

  • LandOnline Media Project Scoping
    Project Scoping

    With 20 years experience scoping out digital projects large and small, we consult with our clients to help them better match budget and timeline expectations amidst new ideas and shifting priorities.

    We understand organizational budgeting realities: You can’t get a project budget approved until you know how much it will cost. We also understand digital project realities: Shifting priorities and new ideas often drive innovation and yield better deliverables, which increases chances for success but also inevitably expands project scope as well. This is usually at odds with immovable budgets or inflexible deadlines, which can make accurately estimating digital projects a real challenge. We have extensive expertise bringing digital projects to life and can pull historical data from 20 years of projects to build accurate estimates.

    The best way to realistically build consensus on a target project budget is by getting project stakeholders and decision makers into a scoping workshop. During this workshop, we run through several exercises to identify your desired business outcomes, target users, and their needs. We then devise a list of potential features mapped to these objectives and apply ballpark estimate ranges to each. During the final workshop exercise we prioritize features based on risk and value and map them to a grid. With this process we can typically create a responsible target budget that is realistic enough to ensure viability while also being flexible enough to ensure quality deliverables.

    If a workshop isn’t feasible, we can also devise ballpark budgets within a couple phone consultations, but they won’t be nearly as detailed.

The LandOnline

These strategy and consulting services will help your organization solve big problems to get big results. Whether you’re thinking about developing a new website, or want guidance on a larger digital strategy, our team is here to help every step of the way.

We keep you involved at each stage, through workshops, ongoing communication, and via online project management and collaboration platforms. Your participation is a core part of our process.

Drop a line if you have a project.

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