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Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is going to transform gaming, film, entertainment, communication, education and much more. LandOnline Media has harnessed Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR technology, allowing us to create full motion 360° immersive and interactive experiences.

The sense of being completely immersed in the environment with full 360° spherical vision allows the user to look all around and interact through the scenes using controllers or even with walking and movement tracking via Microsoft Kinect sensors.

LandOnline Media provides the opportunity for companies and brands to inform, educate, engage and excite their customers and employees through virtual reality experiences. These experiences can also be delivered online in a web browser and via iOS and Android apps which enable the user to look around using a mouse or by physically moving their devices around.

Live action VR

Also known as VR Video, 360 Video puts the viewer inside a film, allowing them to look all around themselves, being truly immersed in the content.

Proprietary Technology

We use a variety of camera hardware and proprietary stitching technology to help clients do everything from live feeds to cinematic VR films and videos.

Reliable Production

We have developed a series of post-production pipelines to ensure we deliver the work efficiently and within the tightest deadlines.

Our work in this field has presented a number of opportunities LandOnline Media would love to show you how Virtual Reality could help get your message across.

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