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Video Production

Video is the most powerful communications tool

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Video Production

Video has exploded, as more and more companies realize the importance of not only having a web presence but also creating a video presence on your website and on the internet. Pictures and text only tell half the story. That's why video is more popular than ever and studies have proven that adding video to your website makes it more enticing and captivating to your customers and clients. With websites like Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook you can host your video clips for free and then link them directly to your site at no additionally cost to you.

LandOnline Media video/audio production covers a wide range of services. In our New York video studio and production facility, we can create in house video/audio, done on our production floor and sound stage. We can also accomplish location video/audio where we take our production on the road to various client locations. Either in our video studio and production facility or on location, our video/audio expertise is evident in the many styles and disciplines of video/audio production we offer.

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Pre Production

Let us get you started from concept to creation. We'll work with you to brainstorm innovative and creative ways to tell your story with professional broadcast quality you can expect from our years of network and corporate production experience.

All in One

We have over twenty years of high end broadcast experience working in field and studio production. Whether it's a one-camera shoot or a multi-camera studio extravaganza we'll make sure that your production is tailor made for meeting your production and marketing needs.

All in One
Post Production

We are equipped with two state-of-the-art editing systems with all the bells and whistles for your creative exploration. We've been able to take hours of footage and edit compelling stories that help our clients meet their production goals. If you've got a story to tell, let us tell it for you.

At LandOnline Media we take several steps to ensure that our clients are not only receiving the exposure they would like but exposure that fits well within their budget. Any large scale effective media campaign involves video production marketing initiatives. Launching a commercial advertising campaign can be a very costly and time consuming marketing tactic therefore it makes sense to ensure it is effective the first time around. Our Video/Audio production portray not just our 3D Virtual Reality footage but our experience ranges from scripting, all aspects of production, DVD authoring and delivery to the web.