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Tell Your Story

Bring your brand's message to life.

The power of a story can emote a range of feelings – from inspired to jovial to pensive to motivated. nothing is more impactful than a visual and audio portrayal that’ll capture viewers. The power of audio/visual technology has taken this art to new heights, where everything is capture-able, and no facial pore is left undocumented. Whether that’s a corporate video, website content, building storyboards and scripting, creating graphics, and pushing the limit of awesome, we’re here as your creative savants.

  • Video Development

    First, we connect with you to talk about what you want to achieve with your video production project, and discuss the ways we can build upon your initial ideas.

    Combine brainstorming, conceptualization, development and production into simple, seamless, and scalable video content suitable for all broadcasting needs.

    • Original Series
    • Live Broadcasts
    • Interactive Video
    • Branded Content
    • Motion Graphics and Animation
    • Influencer Programs
  • Video Pre-Production

    The key to any successful video production project is proper planning, and that is where pre-production comes into play! Often overlooked, pre-production is arguably the most critical step in the video production process, where we prepare everything necessary for a successful shoot.

    Activities include script writing and/or review, storyboarding, location scouting and creating a shooting schedule.

  • Video Production

    Once we have a script, we can handle all of the on-set tasks to make your project a success, including directing, producing, cinematography, lighting and sound recording.

    In addition, we can provide more specialized services such as art direction, production design, special effects consulting and dolly, jib & crane operation.

  • Video Post Production

    Need top-notch post-production services? From editing shorts & feature films to fully producing corporate sizzle reels and music videos, our video production team is fully equipped to deliver a professional product in any format you desire.

    Additional post services include color correction & grading.

Live Action

Working with products of all sizes, we capture live action footage in 4K quality so your brand’s image is crystal clear.

2D Animation

With 2D animation, we utilize motion graphics to create digital scenes–giving you 3D effects on a 2D surface.

Stop Motion

Frame by frame, we bring magic to the screen with stop motion on both tabletop and with people.


Yes, you can hear the difference. In storytelling, sound design is just as important as cinematography.


We use traditional hand-drawn styles, paper cutouts, and digital illustrations and turn them into engaging animations.


We can provide you stylish stills for Instagram, product shots for your website or images for your next campaign.

Video storytelling is a powerful way to connect emotionally with your target audience. It engages, it inspires and, most importantly, it sticks. Full-Service Video Production and video marketing are our specialties, and we offer an array of video production services for commercial, corporate, and entertainment projects.

Our Process
LandOnline Media Production Process 30-60 Second Videos
Let Us Help Tell Your Story.

We have the creative expertise, technical know-how and advanced equipment to create compelling video that resonates with audiences, makes your brand memorable and triggers a response. Whether on location, inside our New York soundstage or in our digital editing suites, we'll handle your project from concept to completion.

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